Mascots Can Be A Lot Of Fun, But They Can Also Be Really Awkward

The whole point of a mascot is to bring people joy and excite the masses. But what if all they do is creep out everyone?

It seems that for every good mascot there are two or three weird, incredibly awkward ones. We’ve all seen some unfortunate mascots in our time – the ones that just don’t look right, or maybe were a bad idea to begin with; the ones that you see and you just wonder why, WHY?

Check out some of our favorite mascot fails below!

1. “Ss…Santa?”

2. Nothing says “Win!” like a steamed crab.

3. This mascot is a tree. Why? Who knows.

4. Not sure if that is a tear or just some lemon juice. It’s creepy either way.

5. There are no words for this…

6. Hello Mister…. Chipmunk policeman?

7. And here’s a series of inexplicably creepy Easter Bunny mascots.

8. I don’t know how she’s not terrified!

9. This bunny had a rough night.

10. This guy looks like a mix between the Joker and the Easter Bunny.

11. Why is this bumblebee so upset?

12. That bear looks like he’s struggling.

13. Better start saving money for therapy.

14. McDonald’s – an American institution that continues to frustrate those who love fast food but are afraid of clowns.

15. What is this thing? A ladybug? A big part of having a good mascot is making sure people can tell what it is.

16. Absolute. Nightmare.

17. No matter how hard you try, “shrimp” will never be a term of empowerment.

18. Why would someone do this? Why would someone subject the rest of us to something this disturbing?

19. This bear looks slightly intoxicated.

20. There are so many questions – one of them being, is the gun part of the shtick?

21. This bear is staring into my soul, and filling it with darkness.

22. A Shakespearean pickle? Yeah, I’ll buy it.

(via Sad And Useless)

I wonder if the people wearing these mascot costumes know how disturbing and awkward they appear? Here’s to hoping these outfits were retired shortly after these photos were shot!

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