Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves: If All Brands Told the Truth, They’d Say This.

There’s some degree of shadiness and dishonesty associated advertising industry, it’s true. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if companies just told the truth about their products?

Unfortunately, we rarely see this nowadays. If we did, we have a feeling it’d go a little something like this:

1.) At least it’s not “Slim-Slow”

2.) Well, as any true connoisseur would know, the shape of a liquid’s vessel greatly impacts the drinker’s tasting and drinking experience.

3.) You know, “almost” is good enough sometimes.

4.) This would be a revelation to a large portion of Taco Bell’s patrons.

5.) If we’ve learned one thing since the advent of consumer-capitalism, it’s that people will spend their money on anything.

6.) They may all be the same flavor, but that flavor is delicious.

7.) Oh man, the truth cuts deep.

8.) Honestly, Mom deserves a break.

9.) Maybe Grandpa smells really good?

10.) I’d rather have my house smell like freshly-laundered garbage than like garbage. Always gotta weigh your options.

Let’s be honest: our deeply ingrained brand-loyalty determines what we buy far more than any advertisement ever could. To see more brutally honest advertisements, visit Honest Slogans.

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