I’ve Never Wanted To Switch Places With Someone So Badly. Puppy Stampedes Rock.

What’s better than one puppy in your life? ….Two? But where you find that two puppies are better than one… maybe three’s better than two? According to Science, the more puppies you add to your life, the happier you’ll be. That’s just how it goes.

Just be careful what you wish for. Your heart just might explode from all this added four legged cuteness.

1.) “Can’t you just give me 5 minutes?!”

2.) You tell’em little guy!

3.) It’s like watching Jaws approaching.


5.) GoPro FTW.

6.) You cannot escape our cuteness!

7.) Run Forest Run.

8.) Your sacrifice will not be in vain…

9.) Corgi-avalanche!

10.) No sleet, nor snow, nor a blizzard’s might, shall keep these pups from their appointed duty.

11.) Nothing shall escape their might. Especially my heart.

(via The Dodo)

I didn’t think my heart would be able to take all of that melting…but thankfully I survived. Alas, now I need to go adopt 5-13 puppies.

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