It’s October, So Of Course It’s Time to Visit Your Favorite Haunted Houses.

There are allegedly haunted houses all over United States. With so many people that believe in ghosts, it’s rare to find a city that doesn’t have a haunted house. If you’re going to plan a tour to any haunted house this year, make sure to include these abodes discovered by Modern Man Jack. These are some of the coolest “real” haunted houses you can visit. 

1.) The Connecticut House

Featured in television shows and in the movie The Haunting in Connecticut, this home also served as Hallahan Funeral Home. After moving in in 1986, they discovered it was a funeral home and all the paranormal activity started and has yet to cease for the new owners.

2.) The Winchester House

The heir to the Winchester fortune and the widow of William, Sarah started construction on this house after a psychic told her she was being haunted by the ghosts of those killed by these guns. The construction started in 1884 and continued for 24 hours a day for the next 38 years. Paranormal activity is continuously reported and some have even seen Sarah.

3.) The Hull House

Built in the 1850s for the poor and indigent in the Chicago area, the Hull House is said to be haunted by Hull’s late wife and the baby she had. Rumors said the baby was born with pointed ears, scales, and a tail.

4.) Lemp Mansion

Built from the proceeds of the Lemp Beer Company in St. Louis, the Lemp Mansion soon became the site of mass heartache. Within a 50 year period, four Lemp Family members committed suicide and are said to still haunt the home.

5.) The Myrtles Plantation

This house from 1796 is in St. Francisville, Louisiana. The Myrtles have a long standing history associated with the paranormal. Murder and deadly illnesses ravaged this beautiful home over the years. It’s one of the most haunted homes in America.

6.) The Borden House

Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her parents in this home in 1892 by striking them with an axe. Even though she was acquitted, various sounds are heard throughout the house to this day, including screams.

7.) The Whaley House

Designated a Haunted House by the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Whaley House was built in 1857 in San Diego. Serving as the gallows site until Thomas Whaley built his house here but tragedy soon followed. Four Whaley Family members died here and are said to haunt the house in addition to many who were hanged there.

8.) Lalaurie Mansion

Situated in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this sprawling mansion was owned by Dr. Louis and Delphine Lalaurie until 1834 when a torture chamber was found in the home that housed dozens of bodies and body parts. The Lalaurie’s escaped the lynch mob that formed, never to be seen again. However, the impression left on the home makes it one of the scariest real haunted houses.

9.) Villisca Axe Murder House

Eight people (parents and 6 children) were hacked to death in this home in 1912, and the murder has yet to be solved. Now, the murderer is said to haunt the house and children screaming and crying is also said to be heard.

10.) Amityville

The most famous of all real haunted houses is the Amityville House in New York. Ronald Defeo, Junior murdered his family of 6 in 1974 in this home after being overtaken by an unknown force. We all know the story of the Lutz Family, who moved in just 13 months later. The Amityville House is the best know real haunted house in the world.

(Via Modern Man Jack)

I’m going to have a hard time sleeping tonight, that’s for sure. At least my house isn’t haunted (I hope).

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