Is This The Sky… Or An Ocean? Either Way, You Won’t Be Able To Look Away.

Storm chasers seem to have all the fun (if your version of fun is severe storms, being wet and getting your car wrecked by high winds). What storm chaser Alex Schueth recently captured in a time lapse video proves that it would be a pretty amazing job to have…

Rolling over Lincoln, Nebraska this past July 7, these “undulatus asperatus”, i.e., dark and stormy clouds, travel across the sky in ominous waves, but generally dissipate without an a storm forming.

No matter what though, they seriously look like an ocean in the sky. Check out the full minute long video for yourself…

(via Reddit / This Is Colossal)

The next time I see a storm cloud, I’m going in the basement. Nothing can look that intense without being seriously dangerous.

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