Instead Of Giving Him A Ticket, This Police Officer Gave This Homeless Man Shoes.

When you’re living on the streets, you’re not likely to abide by the law when it comes in the way of a hot meal. Pandering, begging for money… these things don’t seem wrong to you when it’s the only way you know to survive.

The problem is that pandering is illegal in most places. Those of us not living on the streets tire of seeing those less fortunate begging on the side walk. We prefer to keep the ugly side of society out of sight and out of mind. That’s why we send the police to take care of these “criminals”.

Except this time an officer decided to be a caring human being… and it was awesome.

(via 13 WTHR Indianapolis)

The fact that he hasn’t come forward, despite the video going viral, is a true testament to the character of this man. Although we may never know who he is, we hope that karma catches up with him one day… with a huge payback.

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