If This Huge Wolf Spider Doesn’t Scare You, What It’s Carrying Certainly Will.

When two Missouri men came across a wolf spider, it was a scary enough sight for them to drop what they were doing and film the giant arachnid. The 4 inch long spider was walking along the space where they were practicing their craft only moments beforehand.

Just as they calmed down from the initial discovery, the two men were sent reeling once again. Upon closer inspection of the spider, they discovered a pile of babies writhing on the spider’s back. And no, it wasn’t a couple of cute and cuddly wolf spiders in Baby Bjorns. It was… not pretty, to say the least.

(WARNING: some NSFW language.)

(via jesusraybrown, H/T DailyMail)

One wolf spider is bad enough…but an entire horrifying family? No, thanks.

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