If Life Gets You Down, Just Be Creative. You Can Keep Your Chin Up That Way!

Let’s face it: life can really stink sometimes. Something or someone can really cut you down. Fate can turn against you. It’s times like these when we’re truly tested. It’s how we respond that defines who we are as a person.

We’re most creative when we rise above challenges and put something together using our creative minds. After seeing what these uber-creative people can do, maybe you will be inspired to rise above a bad situation, yourself.

1.) What else would you be able to do?

2.) A bottle nosed… armpit?

3.) Don’t let Hurricane damage keep you down.

4.) It’s almost worth having webbed feet for this.

5.) The most expensive (yet never used) Christmas tree ever.

6.) There are pros and cons to his condition. Let’s put this in the pro column.

7.) Take ’em when you can get ’em, bro.

8.) You wouldn’t like Mr. Broken Finger when he’s angry.

9.) Earthquake Skating 101.

10.) Those homeless people have really upped their game.

11.) Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

12.) Cone of… snacks!

13.) I’m no lawyer, but I think that’s borderline awesome.

14.) You have to love his MacGyver-like instincts.

15.) I hope Tony Stark has great insurance.

16.) Will my girlfriend finally use a Port-A-Potty now?

17.) A paralympian skier with a sense of humor. Who knew?

18.) Your advertising skills are impressive.

19.) The single life is working juuuust fine for this guy.

20.) Another amputee with a sense of humor. Got to love it.

21.) Exactly…

22.) I don’t care what they say. He won the race.

23.) It ALMOST makes it worth it.

24.) Scar Wars, the prequel we never wanted.

25.) Never let a cold keep you down.

(via Distractify)

These people are awesome! From the single life drinker to the Iron Man fanboy, there’s not a chance in the world these people will let life’s trials and tribulations keep them down.

Now to add some creativity to my life…

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