I’d Take One Of These Tiny Houses Over A Mansion Any Day Of The Week.

Whoever said bigger is better must have never stepped foot into one of these tiny, but totally awesome houses. That, or they had already bought a mansion and didn’t keep their receipt.

The houses below are really quite amazing. I was already on board with the smaller home thing when I realized there’d be less cleaning, but now that I’ve seen what you can do with such little space, I’m very much into it. I won’t say tinier is better, since it’s subjective, but smaller is definitely super! Take a look!  

Millau, France

Machynlleth, Wales

Weston Super Mare, England

Ojai, California

Hampshire, England

Green Mountain, North Carolina

Seguin, Texas

Turin, Italy

Stanwood, Washington

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

(via Tiny House Swoon, H/T Lifebuzz)

These are so awesome. Tiny houses prove that quantity is definitely less important than quality. Most of these are a fraction of the size of the house I grew up in, but they are so much cooler.

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