Humans See a Million Colors, But This Artist Can See (and Uses) 100 Million.

Concetta Antico is an Australian artist with a unique condition known as Tetrachromatism. Most humans have three visual receptors known as cones. These cones allow us to see color in the world around us. Those with Tetrachromatism have a fourth cone that allows them to see up to 100 times more color.

Most people can see about 1 million colors, but Concetta Antico and people like her with Tetrachromatism can see almost 100 million different colors. This unique condition makes Antico’s art all the more extraordinary as she finds different colors in places where most people would assume there are just one.

Meet Concetta Antico. She’s an accomplished Australian artist, but what makes her art unique is a condition she has known as Tetrachromatism.

Tetrachromatism is a condition where the eyes have an extra color receptor.

This means that Antico is able to perceive more colors than the average person.

By her best estimate, Antico says she can see nearly 100 million colors, whereas most humans can only perceive around 1 million.

Her Tetrachromatism gives her work an amazing depth and vibrance.

Antico sees the world in a completely different way than most people. Whereas we might just see green, she sees all the subtleties of color within that green.

Antico also actively collaborates with scientists researching Tetrachromatism to help them gain a better understanding about the condition.

“My world speaks to me very strongly and then I can’t wait to paint it,” said Concetta. “I’ve been told that you see gray, mostly, in a shadow. Well, shadows are fabulous. I see emerald greens, I see magentas, I see lilacs, I see blues.”

I love it when science meets art in such a beautiful way. You can check out more art from Antico on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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