How To Turn Your Basement Into A Log Cabin-esque Man Cave For $107.

Not everyone can have a log cabin or a “man cave,” they’re just too expensive! If you want one, let alone both of those things, you’d have to be some sort of fancy millionaire to make it happen, right? Not according to Redditor kelhans.

They found a way to satisfy your log cabin and man cave needs in one $107 project. No, there’s no 0s missing. One hundred and seven American dollars. You’ve got to see how they did it to believe it! Check it out!

What the room looked like before they got started.

The planks of wood that will soon become the floorboards.

Crate wood that they got for free from a local shipping company.

There’s gonna be a FIREPLACE in this thing?

Eh, I trust anyone who can get someone to give them crate wood for free.

See? They’ll never let you down. These stones were found on the side of the road… for free.

Before they raised the fake roof.

That support beam is one of the few things they actually had to pay for.

Using a draw knife on the boards will give them a “hand-cut” look.

What do you do when you have lumber left over after redoing your basement using reclaimed wood? Build more cool stuff.


Welp. The fireplace came out alright.

So did everything else.

Yep, just alright.


Wow! Just imagine what they would have been able to make with $108. They probably could have added a second story! Share this epic creative craftsmanship with others by clicking on the Share button below.

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