Here Are 10 Unbelievable Things We Take For Granted Every Day.

Guess what? Life is pretty awesome, even if you’re not constantly aware of it.

Every day, amazing things happen that we don’t even notice because we’re too busy focusing on our own lives, problems, hopes and dreams. That’s not a bad thing, but you should acknowledge that this world is pretty incredible from time to time. Take these inexplicable occurrences and phenomena, for example. We have these awesome things and interesting things and we don’t even know why or how.

Take a look at this unbelievable stuff!

1.) Gravity

We all know it exists or else we’d be floating around every which way, but even the most learned scientist can’t explain how gravity manages to hold everything together. Refrigerator magnets have a stronger force than gravity and I’m knocking those over all of the time.

2.) “The Hum”

Some residents of Taos, New Mexico claim to be able to hear a mystery low-frequency hum throughout their small city. Other examples of the “hum” have been heard all over the world. Some blame the government and DARPA experiments… others think it hails something more paranormal.

3.) Magnetism

We know how magnetism works, but not really why it exists or why magnets align themselves with the North and South Pole.

4.) Giraffes’ Necks

With plenty of leaves and other plants to eat that are low to the ground, we have no idea why giraffes evolved to have their long necks (since many believe they evolved to eat higher leaves).

5.) Hypnic Jerks

Those sudden movements that keep you from sleeping past your subway stop? Those are called hypnic jerks and no one knows what causes us to do them. Some believe that, as you’re falling asleep, sometimes your brain panics and sends a signal to your limbs to jerk them awake… but it’s not a certainty.

6.) A Cat’s Purr

Despite their popularity, especially on The Internet, there is still no definitive answer that explains why cats purr. They don’t have a purring organ and they seem to do it when they are happy or nervous, but there isn’t a solid answer behind it.

7.) Migration

We know why animals like birds migrate, but what we don’t know for sure is how they know exactly where to go. Birds and animals from different generations will know where to go… without being taught.

8.) Memory

It’s cool that we have memories that we can cherish forever within our own minds, but it’s tough to say how our brain is able to recall them.

9.) Dreams

If you’re wondering what that crazy dream you had meant, good luck figuring it out. Despite what many will tell you, we don’t know what dreams actually mean. Or exactly why we do it.

10.) Deja Vu

Ever feel like you’re doing something over again when you know for a fact that you aren’t? That’s called “déjà vu,” the French term for “already seen.” No one knows why people feel this way or what it means.

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Live each day like it’s your last opportunity to realize how amazing everything around you is. Every day your heart beats, you breathe and you sleep… all seemingly without rhyme or reason. 

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