Halloween Costumes Actually Used To Be Terrifying. OMG. Please, No.

With all of the cute, sexy, or simply just cool costumes you see everyone wearing on the shelves, it’s almost hard to believe that there was ever a time when they entire point of wearing a Halloween costume was to spook other people. If there’s anything scary about what people wear nowadays, it’s just how revealing the outfit is (sexy Elmo, really?).

Even the scariest costume that you’ll see this Halloween won’t even be able to hold a candle to the ones from yesteryear. I mean, these things are nothing short of terrifying. I think I’m going to have some serious nightmares.

1.) No thank you.

2.) Yikes.

3.) Okay, so our generation isn’t the only one that’s terrified.

4.) Hello, ladies.

5.) What?

6.) Is that you, Gumby?

7.) That’s one funky chicken.

8.) Is that a living garden gnome?

9.) Spooky!

10.) Give the kid whatever candy he wants.

11.) That’s one party I don’t feel bad about not getting invited to.

12.) The only thing scarier than this will be the therapy bill.

13.) Where the wild things are.

14.) Those cannot be comfortable.

15.) There’s no way real aliens are this scary. Assuming they exist, of course.

16.) Those are masks, right?

17.) Is that a plunger in their hand?

18.) What happened to their homes?

19.) Look at these creepy little bunnies.

20.) I didn’t think it was possible for kids to be this scary.

(via Slightly Warped)

Whoever thought those costumes were child-friendly was obviously evil. Because… whoa.

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