Get Inspired By The Things Around You With The Sunday Sketches

As an illustrator for the New Yorker, Google, Atlantic Monthly, and The New York Times Magazine, seeing the world a bit differently comes naturally to Christoph Niemann. The New York-based artist and illustrator lets the public in on his artistic experiments via Instagram, where he sets time aside each Sunday to incorporate found objects into his sketches. The informal series is known as the Sunday Sketches series.

Using everyday objects like silverware, paper, food, and shoes, Niemann creates whole scenes where the objects become something else than their prescribed forms. The objects take on a new meaning in the final image.

There’s no Photoshop or any manipulation; Niemann simply draws around the objects.

One object can yield multiple ideas.

This was actually for a project in Hong Kong, where Niemann decorated a facility with his designs. But it’s in the same vein as the Sunday Sketches, so we included it.

(via Colossal)

If you’re going through an artistic funk, you might want to try doing something similar. It’s also a great exercise for kids.

You can keep up with the Sunday Sketches on Niemann’s Tumblr and Instagram accounts. Be sure to check out the rest of his work (there’s a lot) on his website.

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