Gardening Hacks That Will Make Your Garden The Talk Of the Town.

Gardening is a relaxing activity for many and a frustrating time for some. While people for thousands of years gardened for food and aesthetics, there are easier ways to do certain things. If you want to make your gardening life much easier, these are some gardening hacks to help you make your lawn perfect in just about every way.  

1.) Use a lemon rind to start a seedling.

2.) Succulent cuttings beget even more succulents.

3.) You can use shower caddies to make hanging gardens.

4.) Use coffee grounds to deter critters from your garden. They will also enrich your soil.

5.) Cut old milk jugs to make some sweet gardening tools like shovels and labels.

6.) Shove a tightly rolled paper towel into the soil. Drape the remaining end in a glass of water to keep your plants watered while you’re away.

7.) Reuse wine bottles to keep your plants watered.

8.) You can use a shoe rack to make a hanging garden.

9.) Well, that’s pretty self explanatory.

10.) Use coffee filters to retain water in your flower pots.

11.) Make a nice biodegradable planter out of old toilet paper rolls.

12.) Use old milk cartons to make watering jugs.

13.) You can use an old egg shell to start a seedling.

14.) Use builders sand to keep gardening tools from rusting.

15.) Putting beer in your garden will help repel slugs.

I’m sure your garden will look better now that you have these tips in mind. Now go out there and plant some fall crops like corn, pumpkins, and apples!

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