Even Movie Buffs Will Have A Hard Time Figuring Out These Condensed Flicks.

Choosing just one favorite scene from a movie can be hard. So much goes into putting together each perfect shot, and it seems impossible to pay homage to all of it at once. But that’s exactly what the blog Movie Barcode does every day. Like the name implies, they take every frame from our favorite flicks and condense them into the barcode-like images. 

It’s a great way to observe the color pallet for each classic film, but can you guess the names of these films based on the barcode alone? We gave you some subtle hints, too. Just to be nice. (Spoiler alert: the answers are at the bottom of the page.)

1.) This movie can show you the world.

2.) With fronds like these, who needs anemones?

3.) The cold never bothered this movie anyway.

4.) This movie showed you how to find the element of fun in every job that must be done.

5.) Look for the things no one else catches.

6.) This movie proves that falling in love is kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.

7.) What kind of bird are you?

8.) Now we all know it can still be a date, even if you order Raisin Bran.

9.) Is anybody really happy in a poodle skirt and sweater set?

10.) This movie won’t cure you of your ridiculous obsession with love.

11.) I dreamed a dream this movie would be just a little better than it was.

12.) We may never let go of this movie.

13.) Maybe you should ask your Mother.

14.) You may feel like a skxawng if you don’t get this one.

15.) You might need an upgrade to guess this right.

16.) Clear skies and just a bit of satellite debris.

17.) You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger.

18.) If he had half a chance, he could have made this entire movie out of stock footage.

19.) This movie should be kissed, and often. By someone who knows how.

20.) I don’t like the way Teddy Roosevelt is looking at this movie.

21.) Some people do a lot of talking without brains.

See how you did:

1) Aladdin 2) Finding Nemo 3) Frozen 4) Mary Poppins 5) Amélie 6) Her 7) Moonrise Kingdom 8) Silver Linings Playbook 9) Pleasantville 10) Moulin Rouge! 11) Les Misérables 12) Titanic 13) Alien 14) Avatar 15) Blade Runner 16) Gravity 17) Inception 18) Ed Wood 19) Gone With the Wind 20) North by Northwest 21) The Wizard of Oz

You can find more on Movie Barcode blog and even buy prints of your favorites on their Red Bubble page.

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