Do These Images Prove That Real Conversation Is Dead?

Babycakes Romero is a talented street photographer who often deals with the oddities and eccentricities that make London unlike any other city in the world. With this particular project, however, Romero highlights something that is a worldwide issue. Anyone who looks at Romero’s photos will see how, as a society, we are addicted to our cell phones.

The individuals in the photos focus on their phones instead of the people that they’re with. It’s an indication that real, in-person conversations are dead in many forms. The way we communicate with others has certainly changed over the years. But does that mean we lost some parts to our society?

On the bus.

On the train.

At the dinner table.

Seriously, do people even talk to each other anymore?

I mean, the people they’re with.

Doesn’t seem like it.

Of course, they still do, but it seems to be happening less and less.

Thanks to cell phones.

The Internet.

And people realizing they don’t feel like talking to strangers.

Well, now they don’t have to.

But is that for the best?

(via Babycakes Romero)

If you’re interested in seeing more of Babycakes Romero’s work, take a look at their personal website. Maybe wait until you’re done talking to your friend though.

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