Determined Girl With Cerebral Palsy Does The Incredible And Runs A Race.

11-year-old Sarah Kate is a runner. She belongs to the running club at school, trains with her mother, and participates in races. What’s surprising is that she accomplishes this while living with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disease that makes walking difficult and running almost impossible. Almost.

Sticking by her favorite motto, “Finish strong, never stop,” Sarah Kate recently took on runDisney‘s 10k run. She never once thought about sitting down, even with her wheelchair close by. As the finish drew close and the crowd cheered her every step, Sarah Kate responded by picking up the pace and crossing the finish line with a huge smile on her face.

(Source: runDisney)

What a remarkable and extraordinary young lady! Just watching her tells me I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

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