Deliciously Weird Facts About America’s Favorite Adopted Snack.

Here’s a question: What’s America’s favorite snack? If you said nachos, then you’re a cheater!

I can’t get enough of these cheesy delights, so I don’t blame you for taking a peek below. But be careful what you wish for. These 15 unknown facts about nachos will make your jaw drop…just wide enough so you can fill it with more nachos.

1.) There was once a man named Nacho.

Nacho is a common nickname for the Spanish name Ignacio. The Nacho in question was immortalized by the dish when he was pressured to make a meal using whatever he could find in the kitchen.

2.) Nachos are anything but new.

They date back to 1943, making it older than my grandparents!

3.) Nachos are the staple of not one, but TWO holidays.

In addition to November 6th’s National Nacho Day, Piedras Negras, Mexico observes the Day of the Nacho on October 21.

4.) Nachos were ALMOST invented in America.

Our hero Nacho created the dish while working as the maître d’ of a restaurant in Piedras Negras, Mexico (just across the border). Before closing, wives of U.S. Army personnel stopped in for a bite. Since he needed to make something fast, and didn’t have many ingredients, the maître d’ combined the first three things he found in the kitchen: shredded Wisconsin cheddar, tortilla chips, and sliced jalapeños. After tasting this delight, the women asked him what this new improvised creation was called, and he told them “Nacho Especiales.”

5.) Nachos ruled America by 1949.

After the new food was unveiled, it started to spread throughout America. In 1949, the dish was first mentioned in English print in a cookbook that gave credit to the original creator.

6.) Nachos are free.

The inventor never thought to claim ownership, but when 1960 rolled around, he finally tried to. However, it was too late by then. It was already in the public domain.

7.) Nachos can be healthy.

For a more diet-friendly snack, try baked tortilla chips, ground chicken, a small amount of cheese, and lots of vegetables.

8.) Tortilla chips are actually American all the way.

Back in the day, an American tortilla company had a bunch of scraps they didn’t know what to do with. They took warped and unsellable tortillas, fried them, and sold them for ten cents a bag.

9.) “Nacho cheese” is also “Made in America.”

As nachos became popular in the U.S., restaurants need more of the cheese, and fast. One man in Texas created the nacho-goo we see today. If you’re wondering what’s inside, don’t bother. It’s a carefully guarded trade secret.

10.) The FDA doesn’t even consider nacho cheese real cheese.

It doesn’t meet the FDA’s standards for real cheese.

11.) Venues love the cheese!

Nacho cheese has a longer shelf life than regular cheese. Due to this, nachos have since replaced all the other stadium favorites since 1976.

12.) Nachos are America’s “anything goes” food.

Nachos were made to be tweaked, and everyone has their own recipe. But more importantly, yes, there is nacho flavored beer, and it’s delicious.

13.) You can make your own nacho cheese.

All you need is milk, butter, flour, and your choice of cheese. There are also plenty of vegan recipes floating around that use vegetables, tofu, and beans as substitutes.

14.) Stick with the staples.

The authentic version of the dish uses shredded cheese, tortilla chips, and jalapeños. Nachos with other additions are considered “different.”

(via Mental Floss)

Who’s hungry? I know I am after learning these things. Now to see what I have in my kitchen…

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