Canberra’s Enlighten Festival Dazzles With These Beautiful Projections.

This year, Australia’s capital, Canberra, will light up. The city’s historic and iconic landmarks are the center of Enlighten, an art and performance series. The huge event series welcomes the public and invites them to explore what Canberra has to offer. Besides plenty of concerts, performances, exhibits, tours and talks, the event also showcases a series of light shows projected onto Canberra’s landmarks. The National Gallery of Australia, the National Library of Australia and the Parliament House were just some of the buildings that will be illuminated with complex, colorful projections.

The projections come from local artists, such as Rose Skinner, Jan Senbergs, Anna Madeleine and Jon Cattapan, and drew in more than 130,000 viewers this year.

This may just be, in essence, a light show. However, it’s so stunning I have a hard time looking away from it. No wonder it draws crowds.

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