Boy With Prosthetic Flippers Swims With a Dolphin With A Prosthetic Tail.

When 8-year-old English boy Cieran Kelso lost his legs to meningitis as a baby, his parents were determined he would still lead an active life. His father Gary raised enough money to buy him prosthetic flippers so he could go swimming with his friends.

Cieran took to swimming really well and loves being in the water, which is why it was such a magical moment when he was finally able to fulfill an even bigger dream of his, to swim with a dolphin. He traveled to Florida with his family and swam with a dolphin called Winter, a dolphin young Cieran has a lot more in common with than you’d imagine.

That is because Winter also needs a prosthetic to be able to swim, after she lost her tail in a crab trap some years ago.

(Source: Visit St. Pete Clearwater)

You might recognize Winter as the star of the 2011 movie Dolphin Tale.

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