Beautiful and Dangerous: These Artist Used Something Unique to Create This Awesome Portrait

Artistic creativity is something that can be expressed in many different forms and media, and when you get the opportunity to experience true creativity, you remember it forever. After seeing what the artistic duo Miss Bugs have done in one of their pieces entitled “Chained to the Mirror,” I’m sure you won’t forget it (I know I won’t). Miss Bug has created a piece of art that is simultaneously unnerving, beautiful, and totally mesmerizing.

See and learn more about this amazing work of art below.  

“Miss Bugs”consists of a woman from Wales (Miss) and a man from Bristol (Bugs) who have gained a reputation for creating amazing works of art. “Chained to the Mirror” is one such work.

The piece is made of aluminum, resin, and (that’s right) razor blades.

The portrait of a staring woman is decorated with ornate and complex patterns made of razor blades of varying colors and shades.

It is a disconcerting piece – seeming to invite it’s viewer with the beauty of the woman in the portrait and simultaneously repulsing the viewer with it’s malignant razor blades.

This work elicits a complex reaction in the viewer, one which finds its uncanny nature in the portrait’s dissonant combination of attraction and repulsion.


This is a truly unique and successful work of art, one that finds an effective way to get it’s viewer to react through a jarring subject and media. You can find more of Miss Bugs’ great work here.

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