Awesomely Insane Kitchen Gadgets For Anyone Who Is A Terrible (Or Awesome) Chef.

Cooking in the kitchen isn’t for everyone. Some people just can’t get the hang of following recipes or knowing how to make reductions. However, if you’re brave enough to set foot in the kitchen (even if you’re not particularly talented), here are some awesome kitchen items you can use to make the experience amazing. These gadgets are for both the awesome and awful… and they’re all cool. Bon appetit!

1.) Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator

For $3,000, the Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator is designed to distill flavored juice from just about any food. Just don’t let anyone see you using a robot looking device to cook your meals!

2.) Wake’n Bacon

Part alarm clock, part automatic bacon machine, this almost DIY product is the new “best part of waking up…”.

3.) Etienne Louis espresso maker

This coffee maker is every Game of Thrones fan future Christmas list gadget must have. Just don’t say he didn’t warn you about the “strength” of your coffee.

4.) Bob Evans sausage gravy dispenser.

Ugh, I can feel myself getting fatter, at a cost of $635.36. Oh boy!

5.) Beanzawave

Maybe the world’s smallest microwave that can plug into a USB, it could revolutionize office space!

6.) ChefStack automatic pancake machine.

For $3,500, never make your own pancakes again! In fact, at over 200 per hour, sounds like it’s time to start hosting breakfast parties.

7.) Ham Dogger.

For only $7.98, you too can make the perfectly uniform shaped meats.

8.) DIY six-cheese nacho fountain

Not found in stores, you’ll have to build one of these using the linked instructions if you want the ultimate man toy for yourself!

9.) Turkey Timer

For $13, never worry if you’re Thanksgiving turkey is overcooked again. Just throw this in there with it and watch it signal TOUCHDOWN when ready.

10.) Portable watermelon cooler

At $335, it’s EXACTLY what it sounds like. You have to reeeaaaallly want this one!

(via NBC News)

Your friends may look at you strangely for having a portable watermelon cooler, but you’ll have the last laugh when you’re enjoying your ice-cold watermelon chunks at the next cookout. Click on the button below to share these awesome kitchen inventions with others!

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