Animal Rescuers Close Down A Highway To Save The Life Of A Badly Injured Goose.

Volunteer vet Cristina and volunteer animal rescuer Ron from the Wildlife Aid Foundation were called to the U.K.’s busiest motorway to rescue an unfortunate bird.

The Highways Agency called the two for help after a Canadian goose crash-landed on the road and looked in pretty bad shape. The bird walked down the hard shoulder, fortunately behind the crash barrier, and was unable to fly due to a broken wing.

The Highways Agency put a rolling roadblock in place, as the animal rescue duo were concerned the bird would run into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the bird found sense and tried to climb up the bank, where he was eventually captured by a fearless Cristina.

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

What a dramatic rescue! Luckily no one was seriously hurt, bird or human. The poor bird will have to stay at an animal rescue center for some time, while its badly broken wing heals. We hope it gets better soon.

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