A Woman Asked Her Coworker To Watch Her Plant, And The Results Were Glorious.

You can usually count on your coworkers to hold down the fort when you go on vacation. However, if you have certain items that need specific attention, you need to give them specific instructions. When a woman asked her coworker to look after her plant while she was away, the coworker showed the plant the time of its life.

A friendly game of foosball.

Taking it for a walk.

Plants can’t drive!

Gotcha, plant!

Chilling at the park.

Emptying the dragon.

An important meeting with the boss.

Meeting HR.

Playing on the train tracks.

Don’t talk to the plant before it gets its coffee.

Taking the scenic route.

The plant became king!

Checking out the presentation.

A fun time on the slide.

Catching up at lunch.

Keep it on the leash. Don’t want it to get away.


Better hold it. You don’t want it to fall.

Playing some Madden.

What a view.

The plant making a presentation.

Playing hide and seek.

Time to reflect.

That is quite the creative way to look after an inanimate object. I bet the lady was happy with the results when she returned home. 

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