A Homeless Dog Living By Railroad Tracks Gets Rescued Right Before A Train Passes By

Hope For Paws, an amazing organization dedicated to helping dogs in need, received a call about a little homeless dog living right by some railroad tracks. When they turned up they immediately spotted the little guy, but they had to be very sneaky in how they approached him because they were told he was terrified of humans.

Luckily, they managed to get the leash around the puppy’s neck as he was napping, so they could approach him without him running away. Once they managed to calm him down by sitting with him for a while so he learned to trust them, one of the rescuers, Lisa, managed to pick him up. Once safe in her arms, the rescue dog now known as Finn, felt safe enough to go to sleep.

(Source: Eldad Hagar)

Good thing they rescued him when they did, because just as they were leaving a train went right past the area, who knows what could have happened to little Finn.

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