A Guy Was Spotted On The Side Of The Road With A Sign And You Won’t Believe Why.

Bob Blackley celebrates his birthday in a very different way than you might expect. Instead of throwing a big party, the retired special education teacher spends birthday at the side of the road “reverse panhandling.” 

Blackley started his tradition two years ago. He stands with a sign reading: “I have a job. I have a home. Could you use an extra $5?” and gives out $5 bills to anyone who asks. This year he said he gave out $800, and last year he gave out $750.

“Anything they want, if it puts a smile on their face, it’s theirs,” said Blackley. “One man told me he had some medicine he couldn’t afford to pay for, this will help pay for it. That’s cool.”

Blackley believes in what he’s doing. He said he hopes to win the lottery one day so that he can give people more.

 Here’s a video of Blackley’s reverse panhandling in action.

(H/T: My Modern Met)

This man has my undying respect. That’s such an amazing, giving way to spend your birthday (or any day). More people should learn from his example.

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