A Company Creates Custom Urns For Your Dead Loved Ones, But With A Creepy Twist.

Cremating the bodies of your loved ones is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional burial. But, even then, you will have to make a difficult decision about which urn you should put those ashes in. They may be less expensive than coffins, but the decision process is still difficult.

That is, until now. CremationSolution is offering, what they’re calling a revolutionary new way to preserve the ashes of your deceased loved ones. 

The company is now offering a service where they can 3D print an urn in the exact shape, and likeness of the deceased’s head.

All you have to do is send them a photo of the person taken from the front, and then one taken from the side.

They then use their rendering software to create a perfect 3D printed urn of your loved one’s head.

The urns come in two different sizes. Full sized for $2,600, which will hold all of the ashes from a human body. The other option is a keepsake sized urn for $600, which only holds a portion of the ashes.

They also all come with a heavy base made out of marble to prevent the urn from tipping over.

And if head shaped urns aren’t your thing, you can also have your loved one’s likeness put on an action figure filled with their ashes.

This takes creepy to a whole new level. Though it would be pretty cool to spend the rest of eternity with your ashes as Indiana Jones (as portrayed by Robert Pattinson?).


This is just an incredibly bizarre way for you to remember your loved ones. I know I’d have a hard enough time dealing with an urn on the shelf staring at me, let alone an accurate model of someone’s head. However, if this sounds like something you’re interested in, make sure to check out their website for the full details. 

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