4-Year-Old Photographer Captures The American West From A Pint-Sized Perspective

It helps to have the advantage of a dad who’s a photographer for National Geographic, but it’s likely that Hawkeye Huey (and, yes, Hawkeye is his actual first name), would be a natural at photography anyway. One day Hawkeye’s father, Aaron, gave him a Fujifilm Instax 210, an instant camera. Hawkeye immediately took to the camera, which is slightly larger than his head, and started snapping pictures.

Hawkeye checks out some analog selfies.

It’s hard to say no to a little kid with a camera, and so Hawkeye has been, along with his dad, snapping pictures of characters and scenery from across the American West. His subjects range from rodeo cowboys to hippies. His small stature lends his photos a low angle that provides a unique perspective on things, one that full-size photographers might miss.

On seeing his son’s proficiency with a camera, Aaron Huey created an Instagram account for him, which he manages in Hawkeye’s place. 

You can follow Hawkeye on Instagram, as well as his dad’s account

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