31 Of The Most Annoying Things On The Planet. These Drive Me Crazy!

We all have small things that annoy us. It’s part of being human in our modern world. These 31 tiny things, however, are insanely annoying. I could forgive anyone for having a blow up after encountering one of these awful happenings.

Just. So. Infuriating.

1.) When erasers make more of a mess.

2.) Why?! The garbage is three feet away.

3.) This is the most confusing directory ever.

4.) That’s not how you spell pie.

5.) FedEx’s inferior products.

6.) When that one strand of hair just won’t work the way you want it to.

7.) *face palm*

8.) Someone should be fired for this.

9.) No. No. No. No. No.

10.) When a bag of chips is mostly air. Worst feeling in the world.

11.) When the people that package these things can’t count.

12.) What the…!? Who designed this elevator?

13.) When you’re waiting all week to take a picture of your mileage, and then accidentally go one mile over.

14.) Why would you put the gas pumps out of order like this?

15.) My grammar senses are tingling.

16.) All it takes is one thing out of place to make it worthless.

17.) Coffee under the lid, why?!

18.) People who put empty containers back in the fridge.

19.) This guy’s grammatically incorrect vanity plate.

20.) Which architect designed this building?

21.) When cyclists don’t understand how traffic patterns work.

22.) There are no words for this kind of infuriating act.

23.) Imagine having to use this every day.

24.) People who think it’s ok to take off their shoes and socks anytime they sit down.

25.) Grabbing the wrong sized straw at Starbucks. The ultimate suffering.

26.) So much for being a non-stick pan.

27.) Malfunctioning socks.

28.) People who don’t know the difference between a sink and a garbage can.

29.) No one needs to park this close. Ever.

30.) It’s just so crooked.

31.) Why would you wallpaper the ceiling?

(Via: Reddit)

That last one just baffles me. Why would anyone think it was a good idea to put wallpaper on the ceiling? I’m just happy none of these things are happening to me right now. 

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