22 Of The Biggest Dummies On The Internet Are Just The Worst.

We all have that one friend (or maybe more than one) who makes you wonder how they ever keep themselves alive just by their sheer amount of serious stupidity. But, hopefully you’re not friends with any of these dummies who take that to a whole new level and put it on hilarious display with social media… Wow. 

1.) Don’t hire this architect.

2.) This isn’t how babies work, Jack.

3.) That is definitely not a Union Jack.

4.) So close.

5.) “Mediocre” must have been too difficult to spell.

6.) Always double check those phone hacks, friends.

7.) Wow, uncanny!

8.) I didn’t know lizards could type.

9.) These chef hats look a little… Um.. Anatomical.

10.) Believe it or not, Google didn’t invent maps.

11.) This got scary.

12.) If this person’s teeth brightness matches their brain’s… Yikes.

13.) Someone should explain how the sun works to this mother.

14.) At least she knows math?

15.) How much wine had they already consumed?

16.) He’s talking about WWII.

17.) Lady Liberty did come from France, but that’s really no excuse for this mix-up.

18.) She ends it with kisses, so I guess she’s not too mad.

19.) …yes?

20.) What’s another word for dumb?

21.) I hope this person has fraud prevention.

22.) Rosa Parks, however, was all about equal rights for everyone so.

(via BuzzFeed.)

If a mind is a terrible thing to waste, these guys are the worst people in the world.

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