16 Fantastic Science Gifs That’ll Make You Want To Go Back To School. Awesome!

Science is pretty awesome, right? On the off chance though, that you’re not totally convinced about science, we have a treat for you.

Here are 16 amazing gifs of science in action. They’ll surely help you appreciate the wonders of the universe. Especially #6.

1.) A black hole eats a star.

2.) What happens when you drop a slinky.

3.) Water forming into snow.

4.) Sulfur Hexafluoride being awesome.

5.) Burning flammable liquid in a glass bottle.

6.) Colliding clouds of smoke.

7.) The development of the human face before birth.

8.) Reigniting a candle from its vapor trail.

9.) Popcorn popping.

10.) Sodium polyacrylate and water having fun together.

11.) Snake venom meets blood. Yuck.

12.) Hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide do some pretty cool things.

13.) The size of Earth compared to the largest known stars in the universe.

14.) A bullet hitting a steel wall in slow motion.

15.) The sun during the arctic summer.

16.) The scale of the universe.

Via: Ebaum’s World

I know I’m not nearly qualified enough, but I’m getting the strong urge to change my major to quantum physics. The world needs more science!

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