14 Totally Real And Incredibly Cool Animal Hybrids From Around The World

Just when you thought you’d seen all the beautiful wild animals the world has to offer, they go and combine two to make an even more incredible creature.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of having your own wolf pet or wondered what it’d look like when you combine a zebra’s gorgeous stripes with its fellow equine animals, science and nature have found the answers. Some are more rare than others, but they’re all amazing.

1. Wolfdog


Half wolf, half dog; all amazing.

2. Zonkey


Half zebra, half donkey

3. Zorse

Half zebra, half horse

4. Blood Parrot Cichlid


Half midas, half redhead cichlid

5. Liger


Half male lion, half female tiger

6. Tigon

Half male tiger, half female lion

7. Leopon

Half leopard, half lion

8. Pumapard

Half puma, half leopard

9. Savannah Cat

Half serval cat, half domestic cat

10. Bengal Cat


Half domestic feline, half Asian leopard cat

11. Grolar Bear

Half grizzly bear, half polar bear

12. Cama

Half camel, half llama

13. Wholphin

Half whale, half dolphin

14. Mulard

Half mallard duck, half muscovy duck

Wow, I really want a baby liger! Some of these guys are so cute…other are a little like the animal version of Frankenstein. It does make you wonder how many combinations are out there waiting to be uncovered!

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